Category : CDs (Unofficial)
Band/Artist : Smashing Pumpkins
Title : Siamese Dream
Type of release : Commercial (Limited/Numbered Edition)
Format : Album (label release)
Country of release : United States
Country made in : United States
Country printed in : United States
Label : Smashing Records
Package : Box (wood)
Date of release : 1995/??/??
Amount pressed : 1000
Local release code : 4 018396 006854
Other codes : Made in USA SP009
Collector price Mint : 200
Collector price Excellent : 150
Collector price Very Good : 100
Collector price Good : 75
Collector price Fair : 50
Collector price Poor : 25

when mentioned, prices in US dollar

Extra Information
This set is also known as the "Siamese Dream Collectors Edition" or "Siamese Dream Wooden Box". It was sold in official music stores like Tower Records (US), although being an unofficial release.

Shaped heavy weight wooden box set, with metal hinges on the back side, and 4 round black rubber pads on the bottom, which contains the official Siamese Dream CD album housed in a recess with an individually numbered silver metal embossed plate at the side. The booklet, both the 20 page and the 4 page fold out types of booklet have been confirmed, is housed in a similar recess in the lid completing this box set. It is limited to only 1000 copies worldwide, as the sticker on the box states.

Though the CD itself and the booklet are official and genuine, the wooden box is not an official Virgin (US) or HUT (UK) release*. The year of production is uncertain, but several sources tell it came to the market in 1995* or 1996. And because it contains the red "Made In Holland" CD mostly for the lower numbers (#19, #148, #178, #186 and #337 are confirmed for that), and the silver "Virgin US" CD for, most probably, the higher numbers (#82 and #915 are confirmed for that), it is most probably manufactured with different sources for the CD and booklet, and/or over a somewhat longer time frame. For the moment we presume it is manufactured in the US*.

To end all confusion: there are no real or stamped autographs of Pumpkins bandmembers on it. It has been rumoured, but it has never been confirmed**. There are also rumours that this box was bootlegged around 1999 - 2004, but it has also never been confirmed to us that bootlegs of this grey area release really exists. The images below show #186 (first 5 pics), #915 (next 3 pics) and #178 (last 4 pics).

*An eBay seller of several of these wooden boxes was telling the following story to a collector in 2008.

"Every one of that boxset was made by a company called Smashing Records (part of the Griffin Music label) based in Glendale Heights in Illinois USA. The first 100 had the UK import in them that was imported by Feedback Inc, the largest CD importer in the US back when it was made circa 1995. The remaining 900 had the different plaque and the US release CD without the signatures. (Most of the boxes were exported by Smashing to Europe & Japan)."

And also this same collector said about this 'informed' seller "In summary, he says that not all the 1000 boxes where actually sold at that time due to their price. Even though they were all manufactured in the USA, the main buyers were foreign retailers, mainly in Europe and Japan. Now, the manufacturer broke, so he says that he bought the remaining boxes (I am guessing around 20), planning to sell them slowly through eBay."

**Found on a Smashing Pumpkins forum: "On the autograph issue: I think when it was released I saw in a record store catalogue this release was announced as having autographs, so in the actual release these were apparently and evidently left off. Not to mention there wasn't any involvement by the band so no 'real' signatures in any case."


Triclops Sound Studios, Georgia, United States, 1992/12/??-1993/03/??

Front 01: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Media 01: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Media 02: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Add. info 01: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Add. info 02: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Add. info 03: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box)
Add. info 04: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Add. info 05: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Add. info 06: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Add. info 07: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Add. info 08: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box) Add. info 09: US CD US Siamese Dream (wooden box)
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