Category : CDs (Official)
Band/Artist : Smashing Pumpkins
Title : Machina II / The Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music
Type of release : Promo (Inhouse)
Format : EP (label release)
Country of release : United States
Country made in : United States
Country printed in : United States
Label : Virgin Records America, Inc.
Package : Jewel case 1 CD
Date of release : 2000/09/05
Local release code : CR-01
Matrix code : 80 PS5109 VF038B0303080

when mentioned, prices in US dollar

Extra Information
Unknown to the general public, that still believes there was only 1 Vinyl pressing of Machina II + EP's & the possibility to download the songs from several sources on the internet: there are also 2 CD pressings, 1 in the US and 1 in the UK. Both are extremely rare to get, as they were never sent out to any media, and the amount pressed are very low too: approximately less than 10 for the US set (presented here), and maybe a few dozen for the UK set.


Front 01: US CD US Machina II CR-01 (acetate promo) Back 01: US CD US Machina II CR-01 (acetate promo) Media 01: US CD US Machina II CR-01 (acetate promo)
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