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Smashing Pumpkins : Undercover Covers


Dynamic artwork continues to be an integral component of the Smashing Pumpkins experience. The graphics range from commissioned professional artistry, hand-drawn stick figures, to blurry Polaroids. The visual component of the band has consistently provided a complement to the main element of the Smashing Pumpkins; the music. Musicians gracing album covers is certainly not a groundbreaking idea, and as such, will not be discussed in great detail. However, Smashing Pumpkins members have quietly, and sometimes downright secretively, displayed themselves on numerous releases throughout their catalog that go unnoticed if not paying attention. Here are some notable occasions when Smashing Pumpkins band members, family, and friends furtively morphed into artistic rock-athanasia.

The End Times Tour 2015 : Dates Added


The End Times Tour 2015 Dates Added!  Add the concert(s) to MyConcerts and see who else attended! 2015.07.07 Concord Pavilion Concord, CA, US 2015.07.09 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre Irvine, CA, US 2015.07.10 The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV, US 2015.07.11 Comerica Theatre Phoenix, AZ, US 2015.07.13 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO, US 2015.07.15 Gexa Energy Pavilion Dallas, TX, US 2015.07.16 NRG Arena Houston, TX, US 2015.07.18 Freeman Coliseum San Antonio, TX, US 2015.07.19 The Moody Theater Austin, TX, US 2015.07.20 Champions Square New Orleans, LA, US 2015.07.22 Miami Bayfront Park Amphitheatre Miami, FL, US 2015.07.24 MidFlorida Credit Union

Machina: The Greg Sylvester Interview: On Working With The Mighty SP and Mr. William Corgan


  Being a fan of an album as a complete piece of art and collecting CDs, vinyl, cassettes and just about anything SP related, I find myself interested in the process of how things came to be.   From the artwork, to liner notes, matrix codes, and the people involved, there is an endless story to be told.  Recently I had the opportunity to talk “SP” with Greg Sylvester.  Greg became involved with The Smashing Pumpkins during the Machina era. Here’s what he had to say: I started in music package design by accident. In high school, I’d been interested in

Monuments to an Elegy with Sheri Shaw!


Questions Compiled by The SPfreaks Team Whose amazing vocals are in the background of Smashing Pumpkins’ new tune “Anaise”? It’s Sheri Shaw! SPfreaks catches up with her to ask a few questions. SPF: What are your musical influences? SS: I am all over the place from Front 242 to big cheese ball pop music… SPF: This past summer you had a chance to sing on Smashing Pumpkins’ new song, “Anaise”. What was that like? SS: I was there when they were working on the demos and I fell in love with it immediately. To get to sing on it…. Honestly, it blew

Matt Walker – The Man of1000faces


 We all know Matt Walker as the drummer for Smashing Pumpkins in 1996 and 1997. Recently, his name popped up several times again in Smashing Pumpkins-related news; for example, “considered as new Smashing Pumpkins drummer” here, and “‘joining Billy Corgan at Ravinia Festival August 30th” here. We also learned that Matt’s name appears on several tracks of the highly anticipated Adore reissue which is scheduled for release on September 23rd. To cut a long story short, SPfreaks thought it was a great time to sit down and talk with the man himself. We are honored that Matt Walker, who is

Mark Ignoffo Talks Smashing Pumpkins


Interview by geo folkers In late 1988, early ’89, Mark Ignoffo had an opportunity to work with a young Smashing Pumpkins. Here are a few questions that Mark was kind enough to recently answer: You had an opportunity to work with one of the greatest bands ever.  How did you come to meet the Smashing Pumpkins? Well, as with most things it was merely by chance. My family was having a garage sale and I was selling an old Farfisa organ. A young guy stopped by and saw the organ and asked if I played keys and the conversation morphed into my

The Cold and Lovely : On Ellis Bell and More


Interview and Article by SPfreaks SPfreaks recently had a chance to catch up with Nicole Fiorentino and Meghan Toohey after their Record Release Party for their newest release, Ellis Bell. Ellis Bell (front cover) The Cold and Lovely recently had a Record Release Party for your new EP, Ellis Bell. How did it feel to showcase those songs for the first time? Meghan – It felt great. Because of some scheduling conflicts with Patty and Mel, we have a new drummer (Erin Tidwell) and keyboard player (Jennifer Goodridge) playing with us now and they are really adding new energy and