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The Glynis question:

on first listen (based on a FLAC file of Glynis):
– this is another take (or pieced together from several takes)
– there’s a very clear acoustic guitar absent from the original version
– the drum sounds more up front
– there’s a couple of BC vocal inflections not on the original
– BC’s YEAH is VERY different and the timinig of the break seems shorter
– the sitarsolo is much louder (and panned HARD to one channel only)
– James kinda fucks up the wah-wah solo so the band kicks in again pretty soon (some seconds early?)
– the ‘scream’ towards in the end is missing in the original
– the ‘screams’and ‘laughs’ at the very end are missing in the original

all in all:
i think they found the master reels for this recording.
normally a band like TSP would track a song multiple times on record.
i think in 2012 BC and co pieced together a new mix from several reels.
in any case: this is not just a different ‘mix’ per se, this also includes material not present in the original (or that would have been buried very very very low in the original mix, which was kinda muddy to start with, but i can hardly believe these were mixed down so far back then and pulled up front now. )
this sounds like a new Glynis to me.