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it is being discussed on other messageboards. the threads are very long though; having multiple discussions at the same time.

i don’t know what actually happened. one thing i’ve heard is that some of the digital releases have replaced the reissued plume with a version that sounds like the ’94 plume, but is a bit \"louder\". that makes it look as if it was a fuck up, and they tried to correct it for the downloads.

monty also mentioned that \"a fix is in the works\". but i’m not sure if that’s related to the different version of plume, or the other problems that have been mentioned. they’ve found glitches in some songs, incorrect tracking on disc 2 (beginning of purr snickety is at the end of the track for french movie theme), and a different pitch for frail and bedazzled.
also, the bonus tracks (download of the tracks on the tape) are tracked incorrectly, with a couple of seconds of two songs being repeated at the end of the previous song.

another big complaint is that high fidelity 24/96 tracks were promised and sold (preordered), but never made available. apparently, the highest available quality is now 24/44.1, as this is the quality of the \"source audio\" topspin received from the band.
i haven’t checked what happened since, but it seemed like it’s impossible to get a refund from topspin. so some people are quite upset with this.