Reply To: Watermarked promos (TFE, Zeitgeist) rips

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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

i’ve received a watermarked zeitgeist from someone who was nice enough to just give it away. i never spread anything from that cd. obviously.

these two i bought on ebay. the sellers did not ask me not to spread it. obviously they didn’t care about it, otherwise they wouldn’t sell it on ebay. all they cared about was making some money. personally, i think it’s ok to spread these, in this situation.

and i really doubt anyone will look up who these cds belonged to. there must be hundreds of rips of zeitgeist out there, all without a watermark. i think there’s no point anymore in checking the watermark today. my rips are just another zeitgeist rip. the audio content is identical (only slightly messed with because of the watermark.)

my only issue with making these rips available is that it’s copyrighted material, and it shouldn’t be spread online. people should buy the album if they want it.
but i assume that everyone already has the album. i hope that nobody who’s looking for a free copy will end up downloading this fairly niche version of the album.

for the rest, a lot has been said about these watermarked promos (\"there is no watermark\", \"it’s a premaster\", …) and some people would like to play with several copies in an attempt to find out more about the watermark and maybe isolate it (which i doubt is possible), so here’s everyone’s chance to check it out.

my conclusions: there is a watermark; it’s not a premaster at all.