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This is the Machina Hut version. Stamped in the run off groove is the following:

HUTDLP 59 B-01-1-
HUTDLP 59 C-01-1-
HUTDLP 59 D-01-1-1

I’ve never personally seen a test press or wlp for the Caroline version, just as I’ve never seen or heard of either for the Siamese Dream Caroline 12\" release. Or Pisces/Gish, for that matter. So I’m quite skeptical that these even exist, but as always, they could be out there somewhere.

If you want pictures, please imagine a big black circle with a white label. There are similar pictures here on of wlps. Each record comes in it’s own plain white paper sleeve, w/ plastic over the white label center.

If you absolutely MUST have pictures, I’ll gladly take them, but it will resemble what’s already in your head. I know this sounds lame, but honestly the pics are not going to provide much of anything.

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