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In case anyone missed it, the top 5 for the ‘Best New of Interpretation of A Song’ category were announced yesterday. I joined Monte on Crestfallen Radio to help him make the announcement: [url:270n7v7n][/url:270n7v7n]

We narrowed down the field of entries to 5 that we thought reflected the best of that category. Now, Billy Corgan will review those 5 songs and choose a winner. Meanwhile, the selection committee is currently busy at work to determine the winner of the ‘Best Cover Song’ category.

Remember, that you can still vote for the ‘Fan Favorite Cover’ selection. Please listen to all the entries before choosing your favorite, as you only get one vote! You have until March 16th at 7 PM Eastern Time to vote: [url:270n7v7n][/url:270n7v7n]