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haha i know quite a few

here’s one

a man, quite evil, dies, and goes to hell. when he’s in hell, satan comes up to him and says \"welcome to hell! you will be presented with 3 rooms, and MUST choose ONE to spend the rest of eternity in!\" and the man’s kind of worried, but goes with the devil to look at them each. in the first room there are thousands of people, all standing on their heads on pebbles. the man says \"ooh, no, that looks painful! show me the next one, please!\" so he goes to the next room; it’s full of people standing on their heads on lots of sharp stones. the man says \"ouch! no, thats even more painful! next room please!\". and so the devil takes him to the third room, which is full of people standing around, drinking tea – but waist deep in horse shit. the man says \"hmm… i like a nice cuppa, and could get used to the smell… ok. i’ll take this room!\" and so he enters, and joins the others.

10 minutes later, the devil returns to the 3rd room and says \"alright lads! tea break over, back on your heads!\"

So apparently I don't post very often these days