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damn you arthur! im not gonna be able to stop now!

a man walks into a bar with a briefcase, sits at the bar, opens the briefcase on the bar top, and pulls out a foot high man, a piano and a bottle. the little man starts playing the piano.

the barman asks the man with the briefcase where he got the little man, and the suitcase man replies \"there’s a genie in this bottle who will grant you any wish you want\"

\"oh really?\" asks the barman

\"yeah\" says the man, somewhat despondantly.

the barman looks at the bottle, rubs it, and a genie pops out!

\"um… err…\" stammers the barman \"i wish for… a million quid!\"

and then the genie, with a clap of his hands, makes one million squids appear in the bar, before disappearing

\"wait, what the hell?!? i wanted a million quid, not squid!\"

\"yeah i know\" replies the man \"that genie has a hearing problem. you don’t think i wanted a 12-inch pianist, did you?!?\"

So apparently I don't post very often these days