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Meanwhile I’m working my ass off to have all known 7 inches on the SPfreaks site. Some questions about the Siamese Singles occur, maybe 1 of you guys knows this.

1. Rocket
SPFC states nothing about a 7\" test pressing for Rocket.
Shawn/Aaron state: \"Rocket peach vinyl TEST PRESS Hut Records ~10 copies\"
SPfreaks shows this: … &item=1115 (it’s black!)

Is there a peach colored test pressing for Rocket besides the black one? :?

2. Cherub Rock, Today and Disarm
Shawn/Aaron state: \"Siamese Singles 4×7\" TEST PRESSING (all 4) Hut Records ~10 copies\"

Obviously we got the black vinyl Rocket test pressing on our website, I presume there will be black test pressings for those other 3 also. Has any of you seen them?

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