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Thanks. For the moment I gave them an entry anyway, as I presume Shawn and Aaron know what they are talking about. And given the fact a Rocket black vinyl test press has surfaced… it makes sense to me.

The good news is, I think I have uploaded all Smashing Pumpkins 7 inches. They can be found here: … NDEX&cat=2 (put the \"Format\" search field to <7\" Single> and it will return \"There are 38 items found.\").

I have changed and added quite a lot there.

-Format (only the inch sizes to choose from)
-Release code (color of vinyl added)
-Amount pressed (based on Shawn/Aaron’s info, when estimated it is mentioned in the Extra Information field)
-Release dates of Siamese Singles set to July 1994, test pressings to June 1994. I have asked around and it was known that just before the 1994 tour ended in August/September 1994, this box set was released. This makes sense timeframe-wise as Disarm single was released March 1994 and Picses Iscariot in October 1994.
-Lots of Extra Information added.
-Many (not all) studio Location(s) added

Now we need to wait for the extra Pricing fields (Price Mint Condition, Price Excellent Condition, Price Very Good Condition and Price Good Condition) and the updated valuation of those items. When any of you has more info or corrections on the 7\" part, don’t hesitate to post it here!

Meanwhile I will continue uploading the last vinyl from the scan session of last Saturday, amongst them a pretty cool promo pack of Light Into Dark…

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