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For your information, both the SQL database and the website lay-out have been adjusted pretty nicely for this new SPfreaks Pricing Guide feature. Thanks to RedWolf! … &item=1878

That’s a first example of how it works. All available fields are filled in now, so they show on the website. The webmasters can play around with them, show all of them on the site, don’t show them on the site, or show the text \"\". Extremely easy to use. And it works independently per item! Well, whatever, tech thingy for the webmasters.

Well, let me explain anyway. It means 1 item can only have Price Mint and Price Excellent only, while another item can have Price Excellent and Price Very Good and Price Good only. We have left \"Collector price (approx)\" there for those items that are 1 of a kind. It will not be used on items that can be graded Mint, Excellent etc. Fair and Poor gradings can be used anyway when they are appropriate.

Another (silly) example here: … ILS&item=3

Anyway, in the upcoming times you’ll hopefully see these fields being used. I hope this new feature will be to your likings and your collecting needs, and will make this SPfreaks experience even more fun for you.

And now, bring in the (updated) pricelists! :D

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