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Hey manillascissor, I recently downloaded this show you went to, to set up the Tour History. … locid=1067

I gave this show a proper listen, and to my opinion, what you witnessed was a pretty good rockshow, absolutely in line with the whole tour. The Pumpkins gave you over 2 hours of music, with the new versions of Ava Adore and Lucky 13 that they have been playing at the end of the tour. Very remarkable to me was the longest Heavy Metal Machine version they played so far, with pieces of Iron Man, On The Road Again and I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, it lasted 18 and a half minutes! Notable also are the 3 (!) encores they gave, where 1, sometimes 2 is the standard…

However, I get what you mean after all. What Billy is now doing with his band is giving the audience a superb rock ‘n’ roll show. There is not much left of the 1990-1996 angst-ridden shows you probably witnessed before, right?

I can’t blame Billy for this, however. Like I said before, the age of 40 comes with a different mindset…

Probably you should download it also manillascissor, and give it a re-listen? Well, just my 2 cents…

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