Reply To: Legit Machina promo picture vinyl or not?

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I don’t know. The incomplete tracklist could make sense in the \"promo sampler\" kind of way. Like the Siamese Dream 5 track sampler promo cd.
Bonus tracks on a promo vinyl?: hardly ever. Normally the promos are identical to the commercial release, tracklist-wise.
There actually exists a promo vinyl version of Machina, and it’s just a white label (test?) pressing of the regular vinyl. (I don’t own it though.)

I think that the fact that this is a picture disc, instead of the typical white label promos they usually give out for albums and singles, makes this release more questionable, instead of more convincing.

Anyway, this is definitely a bootleg. I even think the other, non-picture-disc versions carry an EMI logo. Which doesn’t make sense for a European Smashing Pumpkins release in 2000. (Right?)