Reply To: Legit Machina promo picture vinyl or not?

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You’re right about EMI, that was mostly done in Asia, releasing SP under the EMI label. But I wonder why this picture thingy discussed here should be called a promo anyway. When I look at your pics from eBay there is a barcode and releasenumber on the vinyl. I presume Ally found exactly the same in Australia.

That barcode doesn’t make much sense for a full promo release. When such a vinyl release was made as a commercial release however (and maybe stamped/stickered promo somewhere) then the Pumpkins wouldn’t allow leaving tracks off. Just my guts feeling, that adds to this thing being a bootleg. The standard double (!) vinyl of Machina was released with Speed Kills as a bonustrack, that’s what I mean.

And it’s nowhere to be found in the official discographies either, this picture vinyl disc. Nice try, but no.

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