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On Return To Comfort wrote:

All I want to do
Is touch you
To feel your skin against mine.
Its warmth pulls me in.

Touch you
To have your arms around me,
Safety all around.

Touch you
To feel your whiskers against my cheek,
The distance between us no more.

Touch you
Fingers intertwining,
Joining in the strength we’ve found.

Touch you
Teeth accidentally clicking
As we kiss the time away

Touch you
Hands through hair
Goosebumps down my body

Touch you
Your breath is my breath,
Living in sync.

Touch you
Hearts beating in rhythm,
As they are meant to.

Touch you
To see you
By merely opening my eyes

Touch you
Spooning in a king size bed,
Lonliness becomes unknown.

Touch you
Your life joining with mine
Happiness a reality

Touch you
Lips to lips
I am finally home.

All I want to do, is touch you
All I want, is to touch you
All I want is to touch….you.

be my mirror, my sword, my shield