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ha, well spotted, sven. i didn’t really look at the radiohead cd. but now that you mention it, it does look shady too.
anyway, my point was, even if that radiohead cd is a real promo, that doesn’t prove anything about the sangatte records releases.

sometime last year dazey shared a rip of his copy of the smashing pumpkins \"black sessions\" cd. i just checked the quality of the audio, and it is without a doubt mp3 sourced. so there you go. another argument. i haven’t listened to it recently, but i seem to remember this \"promo\" has all the imperfections the widely available recording of this show has, such as djs speaking over the music, etc.

another dodgy thing: check out the 3 different versions of the same cd here (a raveonettes \"black sessions\" cd): … ection.php
they’re not even made in the same year.
i think someone is just making extra copies as soon as the stock sold out.

also, these are numbered. \"limited edition.\"
numbering promo cds is bollocks. it’s so typical for bootlegs.