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We managed to capture a little chat from our logs.

[22:03] hi Jimmy
[22:04] [Jimmy] Hey billy. How’s it going?
pretty great. lets fuck a Virgin (Records) today ;)
[22:05] [Jimmy] oh billy, you never change :D
you neither old chap
[22:06] [Jimmy] So anyway, that jam earlier on was great. The new song is coming along fantastically!
yeah thanks to you man
[22:06] [Jimmy] I don’t like to toot my own horn… but yeah i rock.
even with 1 arm you drum like a robot
thats the title: robot arms
oooow im great on the title section
lemme think of some lyrics
[22:08] [Jimmy] completely original… just like always
[22:08] [Jimmy] Jimmy is the greatest/ Drummer ever known/ Can’t wait for the next track/ Jimmy really owns/ I’ll tear my heart out/ Before jimmy wears out. how’s that?
fucken unbelievable again my friend
[22:10] [Jimmy] I know. It was right off the top of my head as well!
lets hit the studio and record this new beauty for our new album
oh we said no more albums
[22:11] [Jimmy] You mean \"Conjoined twin nightmare\"?
[22:11] [Jimmy] I thought we were offering downloads.
[22:11] [Jimmy] we can still have an album.
[22:11] [Jimmy] we just won’t put it on hard copies, duh.
yeah… but we will never call it an album … well anyway lets do an album and be unpredictable as usual
[22:12] [Jimmy] of course.
[22:12] [Jimmy] how many versions of this new album should we release?
[22:12] [Jimmy] I’m thinking… 17?
[22:12] [Jimmy] excluding foreign versions of course
yeah cool number that is
17 per country
[22:13] [Jimmy] yeah. it’s like… a prime number. y’know?
[22:13] [Jimmy] HEY! let’s make obscure references to the number 17 in our liner notes and songs from now on!
Conjoined twin nightmare (a prime number)
[22:14] [Jimmy] Shit… we already used 17
[22:14] [Jimmy] 17 seconds and all that?
[22:14] [Jimmy] well… i say we.
sure thats where the 17 legacy starts
[22:14] [Jimmy] you kicked me out then
[22:14] [Jimmy] ah good point.
yeah i couldnt have you around at that time remember, it would be too much the fans knowing you provided me stuffs also
[22:16] [Jimmy] true…
sorry jimmy i had to think of our higher goals: rule the world!
[22:17] [Jimmy] yeah :) world domination. It will happen one day…
[22:17] [Jimmy] soon
very soon
[22:17] [Jimmy] tomorrow?
[22:17] [Jimmy] actually, ignore that
[22:17] [Jimmy] i have a dentist appointment tomorrow
no then i have to see my lawyer to divorce veronica
day after will be fine though
[22:18] [Jimmy] cool cool

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