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We got some chat user questions. Here are a few tips on using the chatroom.

1. PM a friend on here and set a date and time you want to chat. As the chatroom is not that crowded in the beginning, this is the best way to avoid waiting like silly. We hope the chatroom will be more crowded after a while.

2. As it is a public chatroom, you can also invite non-members. They don’t need to fill in a password, nor do they need to register on the Forum. They can log on with only a self-chosen nick, and leave the password field blank.

3. Ask any technical or user questions in the special Support section of this Forum. This is for SPfreaks members only of course. Public members need to register on the Forum first. RedWolf will try to answer your questions.

4. When 1 way of using the chatroom doesn’t work, try another way. Some helpful tips are on the homepage of the room.

5. Questions, see 3.

Have fun!

The SPfreaks Team