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A little help…

Register your (nick)name


[*:4hdc3be3]Enter your (nick)name, no password and press de [Enter #SPfreaks] button

> You connect and enter the #SPfreaks chatroom
[*:4hdc3be3]Enter the next line:

/nickserv register <password> <emailaddress>

example: /nickserv register MySecret123
[*:4hdc3be3]Next time you sign in, you enter your (nick)name and password
[*:4hdc3be3]When someone signs in with your (nick)name and doesnt enter the correct password, the name will after 60 seconds be forced changed to Guest with a random number.
[*:4hdc3be3]If you forget to give your password when you sign in, you could se the next dialog:

[01:37] [#SPfreaks] You must resolve the nickname conflict before you can proceed
[01:37] -irc-server- Your nick will be changed in 60 seconds if you do not comply.
[01:37] -irc-server- You now have 40 seconds to change your nick. The nick you are
[01:37] -irc-server- currently using is registered to another user.
[01:38] -irc-server- You now have 20 seconds to change your nick. If you do not
[01:38] -irc-server- comply, Your nickname will be change for you. This is your final warning.
[01:38] *** RedWolf is now known as Guest2
[*:4hdc3be3]If you change your nick and you change it back to you old name, you see the next dialog:

[01:47] -irc-server- This nickname is owned by someone else. Please choose another.
[01:47] -irc-server- If this is your nickname, type: /PASS <password>
[*:4hdc3be3]To enter your password when you’re in the chat, enter:

/pass <password>

example: /pass MySecret123[/*:m:4hdc3be3][/list:u:4hdc3be3]

Nickname changes

You can change your nick while you’re in the chat. Use the box left/below in the chatscreen and hit <enter>.

Or use the IRC command: /nick <nickname>

Note: After you changed your nickname you have to wait 1 minute before you can change it again.

For help or questions, post on the support forum. I will return answer as soon as possible.

Happy chatting :D

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