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The transfer is not the problem, I have a few friends close by that can do that in a pro way. Sven is one of them, and if I trust someone… it’s definately him. And the taper guy is definately a SP live community friendly guy, because he only wants a few bucks to cover the costs for the tapes and shipping. Seems very fair to me! My respects go to him… And to show me he is not bullshitting me, he send several pics of the tapes. Here’s a few of them.

side A
-Bury Me
-Jam -> Siva
-Star Spangled Jam
-Window Paine
-Snail (WT)

side B
-Bowie tease
-I Am One

Another interesting tape contains the show on 1991-11-09 Bender Arena, Washington DC (no known recordings) where Smashing Pumpkins played with Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He did not write the full setlist on the tape, unfortunately, but we’ll figure that out later…

This makes it all very interesting, right… 8)

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