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i do tend to disagree—

at first i was like- TSP v.2.0 = BC+JC…

then the band DID seem the have something special going and all and it worked and the idea grew on me…

although Ginger and Jeff and Lisa were never ‘true’ Pumpkins per se-

they DID contribute a lot more than your average ‘session player’—-

as per Lisa > at least she shared BCs love for vintage synths…
and was and ís a much better keyboardist than Linda or BC himself, even…

bummer, she’s gone and out-

she started out doing what BC told her to, but matured pretty quickly towards a sonic texture direction I think only a true keyboardist would have been able to go—-

oh, well—

let’s see what happens-
or: if BC pulls like an 18 year old piano prodigy out of nowhere or something :)