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i saw that last night too. they are from South Africa and i actually downloaded that album awhile back. :P i first heard about them through another project of theirs Maxnormal.TV. they are so fucked up and random across all of their projects i kind of like them and they commit to every bit of it. they definitely aren’t for most though. they are pretty out there. mostly i just like things that are a little f-ed and they have good beats. i don’t like all of their songs from Die Antwoord and Maxnormal, but i like some of them.

this is the vid that made me look into them and their projects. its a 360 from I Fink U Freeky. Yolandi and Ninja had a different look for Maxnormal. i love this vid. its so fucked its awesome and i want a stuffed dassie.


so take that manilla. :P its alright though i still like the Pumpkins most and i swear this isn’t the type of stuff that occupies the majority of my ipod. :P they are just so f-ed they are interesting.