Reply To: Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace prize.

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he won it because of the things he has said he wants to accomplish. (peace in the middle east, green energy, healthcare reform, etc.) and you can tell he didn’t want it, nor do i think he is deserving of it. yet. you shouldn’t win the award based on what you want to accomplish. i think it should be merited on actual accomplishments.

some stuff i heard yesterday about the process: you aren’t able to nominate yourself, and there are certain types of people who meet the criteria for being on the nomination and voting panel. i heard a whole list of those types of people, but i can only remember them mentioning dignitaries and heads of state, and scholars and academics that are highly regarded from around the world. and we don’t get to find out who the other nominees were until 2059. the rules state that you have to wait 50 years before releasing the other nominees names.

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