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ok back to my fruit loop story…Oh how I wish ever one of you could come and witness whatever the hell is outside in the sky at night (on clear nights) at my house. I have already discussed it in the thoughts section I think. Some nights whatever it is seems closer and other nights it seems further out.. It twinkles different colors and it’s not a star because after about 3 hours it disappears behind this tree. When you stare at it you can see it move like nothing I have ever seen move. And a satellite moves faster than this thing. This thing hovers and moves lower (but it’s dancing in the sky)…I got it on tape and I will never report it, I don’t want mysterious government people around :)
And I have seen a ghost 2 times-the same one. It is posted at have even felt something to.
So as far as I’m concerned I have been convinced there is more to life then meets the eye! Not sure what it’s all about, but we are here to learn and that’s what most of us our trying to do!!!

You know what’s weird is that whatever I am seeing, when it seems further away I want it to come closer. I am not afraid of whatever it is…It seems beautiful and peaceful..
until it gets so close that I actually can see more than a twinkle of lights… :shock: that could be another
Oh how I wish ya’ll could see it! I show everyone that comes over and they are just as baffled as me!