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I sometimes wonder if this 90% was maybe used before we evolved into Humans. The evolutionary chain was recently proven not to see us deriving from Apes to upright Humans, there’s a missing link that’s inexplicable. It was an awesome article that I’ll have to find again sometime.

Maybe that percent was used before we arrived here, to be made redundant now… The preset idea’s very intriguing, the way we have an Appendix, etc., that’s not required suggests perhaps they’re redundant organs from past times. As humanity’s destroying this planet, is it any surprise we’re now looking to possibly inhabit Mars.

Over the years, I’ve heard opinions from people I know well that now make sense as I’m older: The Moon being a craft that’s covered in dust, having brought us here from a previous planet which was destroyed.

Apparently, microchip technology seemed to advance almost over-night once the -alleged?- Roswell scenario took place. Where did this sudden new angle appear from to further the technology. As far as microchips go, they’re struggling in the industry to advance them further. Moreso just creating them smaller and faster, yet not re-inventing them… Although they do seem to create far larger storage medias, etc.

Hehe, the new X-Files has finally head into profit from their shooting budget:

I wouldn’t worry about those people, Reggles, I’m sure they already know about your experiences there. Very swish happenings. Maybe use Google Earth to see a different perspective of your area, maybe something you’d find could help explain it. :)

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