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what about the \"lavender\" vinyl copies? has anyone ever seen any of those? and are these definitely \"third pressing\" (aka single disc)?
i believe i’ve seen a picture on, and it mentioned that this was the third pressing, but now i’m confused.

i was wondering, if you have a third pressing, did they use the same sleeve and same insert? or did they print a different insert for the single disc edition (with a shorter tracklist)? and what about the sleeve? is it the gatefold 2lp sleeve, but with only one record inside, or is it a different sleeve?

also, these \"third pressing\" copies are numbered on the sleeve (as is the case on the other pressings), but are they also signed by bc (on the back of the sleeve)?

here’s a little overview. is this correct?
first pressing (double LP): 50 copies on acqua vinyl (1-50), 200 copies on black vinyl (51-250), signed and numbered.
second pressing (double LP): 250 copies on red vinyl (251-500), signed and numbered.
third pressing (single LP): 500 copies on black and lavender vinyl, numbered (501-1000). (are they signed?)