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All the collegues were gone. Twas afterhours. ;)

I think if you go to a poster restoration specialist, (possible online?), they have other methods to remove folds. I imagine it’s pricy, but the technology exists. I know some older (1920s-30s) movie posters from Hollywood fetch a pretty penny once restored, so investing in the restoration makes the price skyrocket.

Obviously though, in this case, it would not make sense to invest in such pricy repair. But adhering to cardboard isn’t a bad idea, especially considering the relatively modest cost of the poster itself.

The poster I have pictured that says \"Smashing Pumpkins\" in big red Siamese Dream font is glued to thick cardboard-like material. Like styrofoam. Not entirely sure if this is how it came originally or not, as I’ve never seen another one for comparison.

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