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aha, i found it on spnexus (quite hard to find an old post on there):


July 25, 2014

Hello, everyone! Yes, it’s me again, blustering away….

I’ll start first with last night’s AEGEA event, which though sparsely attended was quite affable and featured a short, one hour ‘impressions’ on AEGEA set on The Music Machine Modular. Now, for posterity’s sake, let me say that if I’d announced there’d be live music I think (as before) we would have been inundated with requests and the like for reserved seating, advanced info, and so on. But it’s not always easy to strike the right balance at Zuzu’s, the capacity being small, and our events, though all cool, being of different stripes. In the case of AEGEA release party, it was to simply offer some freshly-minted 3rd edition copies for sale (the lavender press), have a laugh, and record an AEGEA live set for later release. So in that I’d it was a great success, and thank you to those who came. And if you’re interested, the ‘MUSIQUE CONCRETE’ installation is still there, on display, for a month.

As a side note, there are those who’ve not yet received their 1st edition press of AEGEA. This probably means you’ve got a colored vinyl coming, the number being low of the 250. On the 2nd edition, we’re just now getting those. Don’t ask, but let’s just say that when someone tells you something is shipped and it hasn’t, there is no way to combat that other than to apologize. I know in the future I’ll handle such timetables and contingencies differently.

it’s not really clear how many of the 500 \"third edition\" copies are on lavender vinyl. i read that as \"all 500\", but that does not seem to be accurate.
anyone else knows?