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new SP is good – alot of ppl like them
old SP was better – ie billy connected better with his target audience
i dont think ppl can argue with that

some old fans jump up and down, as Manillascisorrs pointed out, out of frustration i think
they just want the old pumpkins – ie it’s not what they remember or were expecting
it’s like going to McDonalds, ordering a big mac and getting a cheeseburger
it doesnt look anything like its picture, its not what they were expecting.

if TSP called themselves something different, then there would be no expectation of them
having said that , some ppl will always expect ppl like billy to output the same music whatever his guise.

think of it like the remake of an old movie these days……..some ppl will like it, most wont. Alot of old fans (of the original movie) will like it, but it wont have the same impact.

There are alot of dependant factors i think. For the most it is the person’s attitude and how the original made them feel.
Personal choise i guess.

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