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Hurray! The last set of points are in from Asia! Read, shiver and weep or cheer people, here we go. These are the final results of the contest. Be prepared for a surprise! The top 3 has changed again!

00 points – Superlordspamulon (Cupid De Locke)
18 points – Superlordspamulon (Soma)
00 points – Cool As Ice Cream (Bleed)
00 points – Cool As Ice Cream (Moleasskiss)
00 points – Arthur (Marquis In Spades)
00 points – manillascissor (Bodies)
00 points – Arthur (Pug)
06 points – toad32r (Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans)
00 points – Chrysantheme (Bugg Superstar)
12 points – toad32r (Geek U.S.A.)
00 points – Arthur (Slunk)
18 points – Pipoka (Set The Ray To Jerry)
00 points – Superlordspamulon (Real Love)
04 points – Pipoka (The Sacred And Profane)
20 points – martygoeswhee (Bury Me)
13 points – Superlordspamulon (For Martha)
05 points – Superlordspamulon (Glass And The Ghost Children)
00 points – Fez (By Starlight)

As can be seen by these results, the following order can be made.

1. martygoeswhee (Bury Me) with 20 points
2. Pipoka (Set The Ray To Jerry) / Superlordspamulon (Soma), both with 18 points
3. Superlordspamulon (For Martha) with 13 points

After all it was a close call between Bury Me, Set The Ray To Jerry and Soma, but martygoeswhee stood strong on 1 and was not prepared to move, Pipoka almost caused a contest revolution and Superlordspamulon… came back with For Martha, pushing toad32r with his beautiful Geek U.S.A. just out of the top 3. Exciting finish this is! Wow!

Let me summarize some of the judges’ remarks in my own words.

-martygoeswhee manages to create some good artwork together with a pretty nice song combination. This single should have been done in the old days!
-The artwork of Pipoka – Set the ray is maybe not the best. But the single has an extremely daring combination of tracks from all eras. That should be rewarded.
-The artwork of Soma reminds me of Rocket, but you can think of worse inspirations I guess. He explains his songs pretty detailed, Superlordspamulon could have been Billy’s Agent at the record company.

martygoeswhee is the winner of the contest after all, with his entry called Bury Me. Congratulations martygoeswhee! We will PM you soon to ask for some details. All other people in this contest, THANK YOU and it was fun to look at all that artwork! For now, see you next time!


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