Reply To: Need help with Smashing Pumpkins vinyl record authenticity.

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From what I see, every has been real. My only concern is the autos. They look real to me but I am never certain when it comes to handwriting. Also, I would be concerned with playing over the autos. I am a stickler for condition so I will try to not comment on that in my response.

I think that Lull is WAY overpriced. I bought a copy not long ago for a fraction of the price.

Mellon Collie is more than a bit damaged, I would suggest buying a new copy of Siamese Dream which can be had for less than $15. You can check retailers such as for one. The autos are cool, but if he’s going to play the record, new is the way to go. plus it will save you alot of money that you can put towards buying a far nicer copy of Mellon Collie.

Today is ok but remember that you would be getting one of the two songs on this single on the Siamese Dream album. Plus I dont’ know how you feel about ex condition.

Ask more if you need help.