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Well Dazey wouldn’t this fall back on the love aspect? If love is there, then love overcomes all obstacles right? I once was with someone that moved to Florida and then I made a dumb decision and moved there with him when I was 18-I thought it was love-of course he was never around much. Supposedly working late, He was at the bar with his boss…
Absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder.
So I guess if the true love is there in the relationship it could work out.
Seeing new places, cultures, new adventures could be what the heart needs….
Or I am just an optimistic sucker :)
But why wouldn’t anyone want the butterflies that accompany the waiting to see the person you love. Isn’t that the feeling we all want all the time with the person we love? Do we keep the relationship alive with adventure? And what if the other is not up for adventure?

and yup you take on some one else’s debt when you tie the knot and that sucks, unless there’s a prenup…