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Apparently, \"love conquers all.\"

Despite life’s infinite knock-backs, I believe it’s good to be an optimistic sucker! What’s interesting to me is how no matter what, when ya love someone, no obstacle seems too much. Life’s most powerful emotion, perhaps…

Zwan: \"Desires, fade away.\" As you say, Reggles, the butterflies are definitely an awesome part of it all imho. Without that the song becomes true.

Taking marriage as another example, I don’t see the problem with that either in itself, until that ugly money thing enters the mix once again. Scared of marriage, I’ll never understand why, although I don’t care whether it ever happened to me or not.

Back on-track though: It’s the magic that makes it for me, I feel after my experiences now that a local attraction just wouldn’t last. Jaded or honest, who’s to ever judge. :)