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Long distance relationship is possible when we are living in this era with every house having at least a Mr. Puter. We get connected and interacted with each others in a second with just a few clicks away.

And most of the friends and acquaintances that I came across got hooked-up with their soul mate through the cyberspace. And I’m one of them too.

When we have finally met, it was really awkward to be with someone you have never met before and only interacted through the chat program. And having to deal with the bad behaviours/ habits, the culture differences, it almost killed the two of us because the relationship was like an egg at the edge of the rock.

What make it worst was we only spend like 6-8 weeks in a year with a lot of travelling and that’s very costly too :-(. Honestly, the relationship was tough and we have been through ups and downs for the first two years but we are glad that we have improved and hope to celebrate many anniversary in the years to come.

I’m glad and dancing in joy for founding him. He has been there reaching his hand for me to help me getting out from that big dark hole that I have been living in for years. I wouldn’t be who I’m today if I didn’t let go my past.

Dazey, I hope you will find your special someone one day. And as the famous saying “Thing happen for a reason.” So don’t stop it and just follow the flows.


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