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you collect art now? that’s pretty cool.

and it is a neat way of releasing with the different song version in addition to the obelisk. i’m not super big on that EP either, but that certainly adds more ‘special’ to the special version. that’s a rather clever idea on Billy’s part really.

as for what collecting often boils down to- i agree with your bottom comment. i think for lots of people it is more about rarity and limited edition over content or at least i think maybe it often becomes that way even if it started out with a \"i like that\" for its content. i suppose there are lots of explanations for why, but i suppose focusing more on rarity/ monetary value/ size/ etc. can come from looking at collecting as a status thing, wanting bragging rights for having whatever item, or maybe just becoming a bit obsessive about gathering everything.

i collect a variety of things myself including toys (vintage, \"designer\" toys, or just strange ones), poster art (gig posters and ad posters), and some bands (SP, HIM, and a few others) although not as hardcore as most of you guys with your pumpkin rarities. ;) i do think its cool to have the occasional rare limited item, but for me its more about whether or not i actually like the item content wise. there has to be something about it in terms of design, content, or something else to make me buy it. rarity is not that huge of a deciding factor for me. it has to appeal to me beyond that. and in the case of music i have to have a real appreciation for the band and what they represent to me as well as the music on the item and also the album art.

i did buy the Teargarden boxset and i will probably buy the others. i like the notion that they might all look different. they might look kind of cool all together. plus although i’m not big on the music now- who knows maybe i will feel different later. who knows? and i still want to have it anyway for completeness, because for me personally Corgan’s music as a whole (SP and non-SP) is important to me. even if i might not like a song or two here or there i don’t want to be missing a whole era of his creative output because i still put stock in all of it as a whole. i don’t care if i have rare assed promos for everything, but i like what i have collected. i like it for the fact that its Corgan/ SP; i like the music (mostly); i like the art; and it strikes a chord with me as a whole.