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My contribution. As I’m fond of a few styles of music, and love both live and studio albums, the list is a bit mixed. See if you like it also, I’ll explain the unknown bands/albums a bit.

-Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream. #1, no doubt.

In no particular order:

-Rainbow – Rainbow on stage (my very first CD in the 80’s, still a huge favourite)
-Sepultura – Roots
-Urban Dance Squad – Life ‘n perspectives of a genuine crossover & Hollywood Live, Pinkpop Live (promo EP) (dutch rap/rock inspiration to RATM)
-Uriah Heep – Live January 1973
-16 Horsepower – whole catalogue (my #2 band after the Smashing Pumpkins)
-Dead Kennedys – Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables (early 80’s USA punk, defined my rebellish youth)
-Deep Purple – Shades of Deep Purple & Made in Japan
-Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine
-The Scorpions – Fly to the rainbow (1st outing of the Scorpions)
-The Music – The Music (shocking good UK electronic rock)
-Gary Moore – We want Moore!
-Led Zeppelin – The song remains the same & The BBC sessions
-Kobus gaat naar Appelscha – All smooth faces in a fantasy world (local ’80s dutch funpunk band)
-Nirvana – Hormoaning & Nevermind
-Kiss – Alive & Alive II (defined my love for rock music)
-Massive Attack – Mezzanine
-September Malevolence – Tomorrow we’ll wonder where this generation gets it’s priorities from (scandinavian progrock)
-Nuggets & Nuggets II (huge compilation on 8 CDs of early ’60s rock/punk/garage music. To me the definitive source of all today’s loud music)
-Tin Machine – Tin Machine
-Reboelje – Simmersnie EP (frisian alternative rockband, #3 after SP and 16HP)
-Anouk – Anouk is alive (dutch rock singer)
-Pink Floyd – Meddle & Live at Pompeii
-Noir Desir – Des vigases des figures (french alternative rock, #4 after SP, 16HP and Reboelje)
-Stevie Ray Vaughn – Texas Flood & Live at The El Mocambo
-The Nits – Hat (dutch alternative pop band, the band I’ve seen live the most times so far)
-Muse – Absolution

Next to SP I’m a collector also of 16 Horsepower, Reboelje and Noir Desir. Reboelje collection is complete, as they stopped playing a few years ago and released only around 20 albums and singles. There are also 2 songs I just need to mention here.

-Hallo Venray – Tuck, the man (dutch alternative band, my life anthem, about loving a girl)
-Accept – Son of a bitch (my middlefinger to you all out there 8) )

I stop now, as a few more albums and songs pop up in my mind. That’s it for the moment! :D

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