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Words Iz Cheap – October 11th, 2007

There was a moment in time once where I would welcome any opportunity to speak my piece, my heart, if only to rip it from my breast and toss it to your table bloodied and torn, declaring wildly ‘look, how gloriously it beats to it’s own drum! Even I can’t control it’s passions and delusions and murmurs’…but these days words iz cheap, and any ‘ol chump can throw ’em round like darts…(a blab has become a blob has become a blog)…and just like the sci-fi movie from the 50’s \"The Blob\", no one can figure out how to kill it or simply outrun it…we all just stand here transfixed, gaping at the lack of consciousness of something so unwilling to negotiate, it’s only obvious intention seems to be a desire to absorb all in it’s path…so with that, with what’s left in my mind, I sacrifice these words to the gaping maw of The Void…

I love my country…I love it so much, I’ll say it twice…I LOVE this country!!…today i am in Columbus, Ohio, and everything about Columbus has everything to do with what I love about America: the collisions of architectures idealistic and functionally gaudy…the lone characters who climb out of treetops and caves and still retain their sense of home…everywhere that I look here I am reminded of other battles and beliefs that now seem forgotten, yet their symbols still blow their horns in silent reverie because that’s all they know how to do…like children waiting for a dad to come home who won’t ever come home because he has run off to Trinidad with his secretary…(Uncle Sam has moved down to his timeshare!) But I want him to know I still love him so, and his once glorious charge…that commission is what my uncles died for, and what haunted my grandfather so that he drank himself to death, that feeling of hope and coldness that is America…Walt Disney knew enough to dress it up fancy in sentimentalism to try to keep it warm, but even he tried to outrun it and tackle the coming urban blight with what his EPCOT Center was supposed to be…high technology as a new kind of centering religion…Disney devotee’s are still comfortable with his pirate ships, but many forget he also realized that we also need a safe harbor to enjoy our cozy memories from…and unfortunately he too died before he could complete that vision of a ‘City of Tomorrow’…so no safe harbors here…

So from this snow globe that I shake up for you I’ll try to beam out what goes on back in here…having started this particular journey of The Good Ship Pumpkin way back in November of 2005, I’ve now had maybe 2 months off total since then…I am not complaining because I love the work, but I am pretty exhausted day after day…however it is the Spirit of the good fans who travel so far to give us that love really lifts me back up…with much help from God…so my Spirit is strong, and I am happy to report that the band is playing beautifully presently, and as a unit is fully committed to not wasting your time with vague intentions…I am also happy to report that we have been able to, over the course of the last 5-6 months, address all the eras of the group quite faithfully, so that there now feels like there is a harmonious balance between Zeitgeist and the previous musical periods…nothing feels like it is being sacrificed against a new whole…of course, some songs don’t apply to this, but this has more to do with their inconsistency against the energies of the times we are in than in the foundational energies of Zeitgeist…it makes me very happy we have been able to accomplish this in so short of a time…

in my time of dying