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I work with the only other Hardcore SP fan I know in Fort Worth, even Texas. I have not met anyone else. You know, riverandsky?

It’s so amazing diving into everything past the albums, demos, pre-gish, mashed potatoes, psycho tapes…. the list can go on. theres enough music for a life time and more being made. I was only 17 when I first heard of the pumpkins back in 05. I thought they were gay (*gasp* heresy, haha) but then I started really listening, and here I am with over 40 cds of them, a box set, learned 20 songs by them on guitar (they are the reason I learned the guitar at the age of 18) I went to my first concert in gran prairie, tx nokia theatre. I could not believe it.

Look at me now….

I’ve never had such a strong feeling for a band, ever in my life. I know i’m only 20, haha, but, wow, something deep inside me tells me the love for this band will never be topped. Thank God for the Smashing Pumpkins and for helping me in tough times. I love you Billy, James, Jimmy, D’arcy, Jeff, Ginger, Lisa, Matt, Jonathan, Melissa, anyone having to contribute to the pumpkins. :mrgreen:

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