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I have had a bad experience with family vs Pumpkins. At my wedding our master of ceremonies took it upon himself to go through my music and he took out anything that he didn’t approve us as wholesome music. Since Billy dresses weird… all of a sudden the music isn’t \"good enough\" HAHAHA. I knew that he didn’t like Smashing Pumpkins ahead of time, so when I made my list I even wrote \"SP\" instead of Smashing Pumpkins, hoping that he wouldn’t notice. But he did, so SP got wiped from my wedding list. I didn’t go against him because he was my husband’s uncle, but I was pissed. The other reason I didn’t fight it… is because I didn’t know any of this happened until the day of the wedding and I asked why a song wasn’t playing and my DJ showed me all the X’s on my list. My MC didn’t even run the changes by ME, he just handed them straight to the DJ who figured that I must have approved it.

We were supposed to cut the cake to \"Today\" and instead we had to replace it at the last second. He questioned the lyric \"pink ribbon scars that never forget\" (that sounds like a cutter! It must be evil!) I let my DJ (who was one of my best friends) pick a song and his favorite artist is Janet Jackson… so we cut the cake to some lame JJ song. *rolls eyes* (Our MC also cut out Evanescence just because he said she dressed like Marylin Manson) I think the \"normal\" people are more strange than the people who dress freaky. Now every time I go visit them I want to wear my ZERO shirt so badly just for revenge. But I don’t. It’s been 5 years and it still hurts.

But with my mom… she’s kind of new to computers and the internet… so I make you YouTube everything. She asks me all sorts of SP questions because she knows how much they mean to me. She never makes fun. The only thing that I heard her say before she knew how much I love them is, \"his voice is kind of whiny don’t you think?\" :roll: I just smiled and said, \"I think it’s hot.\" I brought up that conversation recently with her… and she doesn’t even remember saying it. People can be \"mean\" without even knowing it. They don’t really mean it.