Reply To: CENSORSHIP AT SPFREAKS – Sorry – this is it… I am gone…

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if i had to guess why that topic was locked, i don’t think it had anything to do with the matrix codes being discussed, but with the sudden explosion of drama from your side, sven. i think everyone was scratching their head over those couple of posts. and then someone must have closed the thread to prevent further drama.
but that’s just my guess. correct me if i’m wrong.

i personally think it’s sad that the thread got closed. there is unfinished business there. i suddenly feel like i’m at the o-board or something. as soon as the excitement level goes up higher than the rim of the bathtub, the thread gets closed.
but once again, it’s not my messageboard. so carry on.

sven, i hope you will come back once you have slept on this. i find this whole thing over the top. i personally don’t consider anything of what happened recently censorship.