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I think I bought my first SP boots some 10-11 years ago, it was in Amsterdam on the flea market. I bought a few in one grab, and if I remember well, The Singles + More and Pluggelectric were between them. The first one for that all black jewelcase (I thought it was rare) and it contains songs I never had heard of before. Pluggelectric obviously for the Dutch concerts in 1993 (VPRO Radio & Lowlands Paradise Festival). I still remember how excited I was to get a hold of these rarities, never seen before in shops or fairs! Played them like crazy of course, especially the live boot.

From the boots I learned that live songs are way more cooler then always the same studio version on the album. Also you could find songs on boots that were not even on any album! So, for a few years, I bought more boots. I have now a little collection of 40-45 Smashing Pumpkins bootlegs, amongst them EightyNine, The Greatest Day, Sound Of Turnips, From The Vault, Berlin Bullet, Slapheads Revenge, Machina Acoustic Demos, Sacred And Profane Tour Soundboard Compilation, Knock On Wood, Freedom, Rawk, Thank You For Participating, Daydream Kisses, SP & Moon Demo Tapes, Vast Oceans, Mellon Collie At The Max, Disconnect, Pumpkinland Demo Rough Mix (nov. 1994) and Adoration. There might be a few between them that are not on yet.

I’m not into collecting those bootlegs anymore. Only a while back, when I found that unknown recording of teh concert @ Paard, Den Haag, January 1992, of course I had no doubts buying another boot! But in general, it feels better to focus on the genuine releases. And I have collected most shows in MP3 now. But the bootlegs I have now, I still cherish! As they contain recordings in (most of the times) very good quality, and they stand for a period in my life, when I enjoyed listening to and discovering the early history of the Smashing Pumpkins, and how awesome the Pumpkins are when they play live! 8)

(np: Pluggelectric. Shivers on my spine again…!)

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