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Both concerts are from Euro release CDs.

One of the concerts has Disarm playing where a guy seems to yell out \"Johnny\" right before the build up. (As if that small tidbit of info would be helpful)

An acoustic set that ends with Corgan Saying Thank You Friends.

All three of the above were recorded from CD to MD via optical/digital.

I have them in concert reccorded over FM from a KROQ acoustic Christmas circa 1998.
What is cool on that recording is that he does a cover of a Depech Mode song: Never Let Me Down Again.

There may be no interest in this stuff as Mini Disc is a forgotten format, but if you can use it, I’d rather share than come in with nothing to offer.

The Pearl Jam I have is said to be the first recordings where Eddie V put his voice on the Gossard/Ament tape.