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I’m 99.9 % sure you are right Cool As Ice Cream, they are just the standard releases with an extra card. They tear apart or throw away some of the genuine artwork and Boston Title Card Co. (see Mellon Collie) and maybe others created those cards to go with it. And that’s why I’m a little doubtful to have separate uploads for them, as their release codes and etc. will most probably be codes we already know. And it are no Virgin cards either, so it’s not really an alternative sales or release channel that brought these albums to the (jukebox) market. At first I presumed they were Virgin cards for obvious reasons, untill I found out that this Boston Title Card Co. name is on 1 of the cards. I’m glad they turned out very cheap (though Mellon Collie is still on auction, fingers crossed) as they are kinda crappy items all in all. I consider them rarities anyway, and a fun addition to my Smashing Pumpkins silver disc collection.

There is only 1 genuine jukebox cd with a Smashing Pumpkins track on it I know of so far, that’s this one. … S&item=283

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