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well, i received a very long email on behalf of pette discographies, detailing [their] main problems with the \"cross contamination\" theory. it’s not structured very well, but the main points are there. i guess what i’m saying is, it’s not ready to be a front page article yet. if anyone (particularly arthur, bram, and sven) wants me to forward the email for perusal, please PM me your email address. if i don’t hear from anyone about it, i will assume you either a) trust my opinion and research or b) trust pette discographies opinion and research and will forward onto arthur for inclusion on the site as reworked by me, but only slightly.

again, i really am deferring to the experts here. i do not claim to be the end all of smashing pumpkins vinyl. but for fucks sake, pette discographies deals with an INSANE amount of color variations and limited releases. and they specialize with this particular label. if you have not seen the site, please visit

anyway, hope to reach some form of accord on this issue soon. thanks.

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