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I took the dive yesterday and bought the vinyl reissues. I wasn’t planning on it but they are soooo shiney 8) I couldn’t pass them up. Actually, it’s because I collect vinyl first and foremost and that’s how I’ll listen to the album proper. I got the deluxe for the bonus and dvd.

The vinyl is AMAZING. I can’t believe how much depth there is. I’m glad they did a mastering specifically for the vinyl release. I can honestly tell that they did. I haven’t done any waveforms to prove my claim but my ears can not hear any clipping and I didn’t notice any sibilance. Which in todays world is saying something. I can really hear the layering on SD and small effect that passed over me before (in the fade outs). I’m going to listen to the Gish vinyl tonite. If you have the means you should hear the vinyl. I’m astounded how articulate the pressing is. I’ll have more examples tomorrow.