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I guess you’re right about that, it makes sense. I also wonder what distincts 1 pressing from the other. The time between them? The color? The releasenumber?

What we do know so far (correct me if I’m wrong guys, I’m no vinyl specialist myself either) is the following.

-1 matrixnumber on all colors, being \"CAROL-1740-1-A S-27899 MASTERDISK\" (and 1-B, 1-C & 1-D etc. of course)
-1 releasenumber for all of them
-3 different moments they surfaced on the market. As the maroon was first, then the peach and then the orange, it was for good reasons being assumed that those were the 3 pressings.

For the moment I cannot tell in what timeframes the 3 different colors appeared on the market, if there were weeks or months inbetween. I do hope other collectors can tell. To me it looks like they could have done it in 1 pressing also, over several days maybe, and going crazy mixing the colors in the pressing plant. :P

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