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whenever they use marbling, no two lp sets will be the same. and i think the \"overall colour\" of the first vinyl will also be different of the last vinyl, because i imagine it’s a bit like paint that gets mixed, becoming more plain. (maybe the first vinyls will look peach, with a lot of marbling, and the last ones will be a bit lighter or darker, with less visible marbling.)

i don’t really know much about pressing vinyls, and i was wondering, what exactly is \"one pressing\"? (aka, what exactly are we discussing here?)
say they made the purple and the red and the peach ones all at the same time, would that be considered one pressing? or three different ones?
or, say they did one batch of purple vinyls (don’t know how many copies they can make in one batch), but ten batches of peach vinyls, because they needed a lot more of these. yet again, all at the same time. does this make 1 purple pressing, and 10 peach pressings (maybe declaring the small differences of colour between some peach vinyls)?