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> brooding monaural Adore mix for LP it does pay off to do a new mix altogether; from the top of my hat, looking at my collection i think Kraftwerk (the live box), Sonic Youth (the Daydream Nation box), QOTSA (SftD) are all prime examples of perfect vinyl mixes and perfect releases pressing wise too; now the Zwan 2LP is a disaster, not only in terms of production, but also because it features the same clipped mix as the cd whereas vinyls characteristics could have been put to great use in creating a terrifc mindblowing loud-at-any-volume mastermix; oh well – you know what i’d love to hear, not because of the awesome songs, but because of spic and span production? the BC solo album TFE released on heavy solid vinyl with a designated vinyl mastermix; now that would sound terrific i think – but that’s never gonna happen…

right – end of rant, hope this clears some things up?!